The Ultimate Synthesizer
Coming to your desktop now!
Finally it’s happening, the Kickstarter campaign for X-Bay “the ultimate synthesizer” goes live on Monday the 6th of November 2017!!! The moment we all have been waiting for, crucial for the start of our company Anatal Electronics. It’s alive. To jog your memory a short description of what X-Bay is.

X-Bay “the ultimate synthesizer” is vintage analog in a compact 19 inch rack, cable-less modular based upon an automated patch matrix that makes it possible for analog signals and connections (internally from our vintage modules and externally from synthesizers, drum machines, mixing consoles etc) to be controlled, managed and stored digitally. Unlimited, no concessions and without AD/DA conversions. Just connect all hardware and X-Bay will do the rest with true zero latency. Single click control with any web browser, regardless device or platform. Store, manage and play. What is absolutely unique about X-Bay is cable-less patching, compactness, extendability and the way the software controls the connections. Simple and fast!

Vintage Analog, Digital Control
X-Bay provides ultimate freedom in creating beautiful analog sound, that smooth soundwave which is almost extinct because of MP3 and the “blessings” of digital music production. For this “r”evolution we need you, Kickstarter is the platform. If you like to know more then visit our campaign or share it with anyone you know that is into music electronics (DJ's, producers, synth adepts) , they will be grateful for it and we too. If Kickstarter doesn’t answer all your questions, send us an e-mail at: info

Back us, save the soundwave!
Thank you,
The Anatal team