Getting started

To get started with the X-Bay automated patching system you should minimally install the AOS software. AOS stands for Analog Operating System. It handles everything related to controlling analog signals and convertions from digital streams to analog signals. The software is a HTML5 application that runs on any device with a webbrowser supporting the HTML5 API. There are 2 versions, a client version and a server version. The client version is more convinient to get started with when you use Chrome on desktop pc or laptop and it automatically updates itself. The server version can be installed on a desktop pc or laptop so that other devices can connect by means of wifi in the same network or over the internet.

To install the client version browse with Chrome and click here

Download the arduino USB drivers here unzip them, go into the CH341SER folder and run SETUP.EXE

Download the arduino IDE here and install it.

Download the X-Bay arduino files here , Unzip the files like this so that it is placed in a directory with the same name as the zip file

Open the directory, click on the main file so that the arduino file will load the project

Select the Nano board

Select the right com port,usually the last one

Upload the latest software to your X-Bay

Open the serial monitor

Set the correct baudrate

Set newline as data enter